New Cassettes Won’t Listen Video – “Into The Hillside” (Stereogum Premiere)

New York producer and multi-instrumentalist Jason Drake, aka Cassettes Won’t Listen, has already given us the free One Alternative EP, which offered his laptop covers of Pavement, Sebadoh, etc., as well as his Ludacris/G ‘N R mashup Ludacris Democracy. Now he’s experimenting with the Chairlift and Kanye-tested “datamoshing” technology. We didn’t know the name of the terminology before today, but now that we do, I need to watch my mouth out with soap. Still, it does create an interestingly psychedelic backdrop to Drake’s instrumental “Into The Hillside,” which comes from Cassettes Won’t Listens instrumental album of the same name.

Sans “datamoshing”:

Cassettes Won’t Listen – “Into The Hillside” (MP3)

Into The Hillside is out now via Cassettes Won’t Listen.