New Antony & The Johnsons Video – “Crazy In Love”

Always a show-stopper, Antony Hegarty’s cover of Beyoncé’s Hot 100 jam “Crazy In Love” is a masterclass on how to cover a song: with its rearrangement and reinterpretation, this version projects the mirror-imaged flip side to the sentiment B and Jay-Z bottled in their buoyant club hit. Antony’s take casts the tune’s desperation in an entirely new light — from a confident celebration of irrational infatuation to one of hand-wringing loss of self-control — and the video does so literally: Beyoncé’s hyper-colored, crisply lit dance routines give way to Antony lurking in shadows, filtered through a diaphanous and murky haze. We’re unable to see him clearly, but really we’re just being put in his shoes.

(via P4K)

“Crazy In Love” is now available, stacked with “Aeon” as a double A-side single, via