SXSW: Man Man Do An Outdoors “Mister Jung Stuffed” & “Hurly / Burly”

This South By, Man Man were good good (last time we make that joke). We caught the face-painted Philly boys twice this week — both outdoors — once at Cedar Street Courtyard as part of the Anti- showcase (great), then a late-night set out at the way-off-the-beaten-path Scoot Inn for the Solid PR showcase (even better). We managed to get some video footage of Rabbit Habits standouts at the Cedar Street show — raucous, organ-pumping “Mister Jung Stuffed” and kazoo funk-vamp jam “Hurly/Burly.” Impressive beard growth, dudes. Can we do a top five bands of SXSW? OK, cool. Man Man makes the list. Meet “Mr. Jung”:

One more reason you should love the new Man Man record: Hurly slash Burly…

Man Man – “Top Drawer” (MP3)

We love you Man Man.

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