SXSW: Kaki King Performs At PASTE/Stereogum Party

Indie rock has collectively returned from its annual pilgrimage to Austin which, lucky for your eyes, means seeing the letters S, X, and W a whole lot less. But as you may have noticed over the past few days, we did have a video crew with us (thanks Jon, Matt & Raph!), and we did document a lot of great music. (Wait until you see the Fuck Buttons and HEALTH footage, gah.) So although this week’s back to business as usual, we are pulling the best clips of the week’s best sets to help everybody ease back into computers-and-headphones mode. Here we’ve got Kaki King’s “Pull Me Out Alive,” a tune last seen spread over the course of 5,000 still photos, this time captured at 2PM on a Friday and still killing.

Next it’s the fat backbeat/Kaki fret-slapping hands on “Bone Chaos In The Castle”…

“Bone Chaos In The Castle”

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