Ryan Adams, Courtney Love Launch Tumblrs

The “blogging platform for busy people” (or, folks that are totally over their Movable Type and Blogger accounts) welcomed two of rock’s most internet-addicted blog-enthusiasts while we were down in Austin. And already, D R Adams Films seems to be thinking better of his decision, erasing a prodigious output of first-week posts on the origins of the word blog (“How did you get the name blog, blog? You sound like a blog monster.”), featuring pictures of himself, debuting new Ryan & the Cardinals tunes, and detailing fascinations with girls found via his Tumblr dashboard (ladies, the way to Ryan’s heart is a nice photo of NYC as a blog backdrop; a picture of yourself he can repost helps, too). Anyway it’s all gone now. Whatever! It’s Ryan Adams.

Also Fimoculous points us to Love So Sane, which claims to be Courtney Love just without the typos (“Thanks a zillion to my assistant Liza for setting up the blog, typing it out for me when I dictate it over the phone…”). But since even that level of self-awareness seems beyond C. Love, we’re still a little dubious. May as well +Follow her and see where it goes.

UPDATE: OK, so looks like Ryan is explaining himself a little bit now. Here’s a sort of mission statement for his Tumblr, along with a picture of him and a bass.

Via D R Adams Films:

okay. i have the most stupidest ever idea of what to do here now. It so sucks but it will be awesomeness times 4,163 plus 8 if I figure it out.

Although currently I am supposed to be writing, which for some reason, has been interrupted by an amazing carpet cleaning incident.

So whoever had the bright idea to like decide to make those lids, those damn lids you have to kind of take the seal top off of, and re-assemble, my hats off to you. (disclaimer- no hat)…So I went to f’n assemble the easy open, easy shake out top and I ended up with exactly ONE pile of carpet detergent, like a damn fragrant snowcapped mountain in ONE area of the carpet.

I must have sat there and just stared into space forever. I mean, it was just plain awesome in a “guy tries to learn how to do the simplest shit and fails” way.

what ev er.

my new idea is to not mind it which worked very well for what seems to be a long time.

This would have been the best poem.

Anyway, so the blog. I mean, my idea is so stupid. I love it. It has something to do with heavy metal. And also something to do with the idea of a blog, a fictional blog, by someone who maybe loves Metal but totally misunderstands the style and content of metal completely. I mean, in the best way.

I am going to work on this while I am not writing and staring at the detergent scarface exhibit on display current at the southern most end of the filthiest rug I have ever know.

Late I will erase this and say something totally different. Which is my style. Fickleblogging. That’s right. I said it first. Fickleblogging.

I probably spelled fickle wrong too.

I don’t even know why I am writing this shit here. My god. Oh my god.

also OMG.


And here’s that picture of him and a bass, captioned: “look, it’s stupid with his Voivod bass. everybody look at stupid.”