Perez Messes With Texas

You might have heard about some of the newer faces in Austin this year. And how they hosted parties. Well apparently Rachael’s was delicious, and here’s a review of the Perez Hilton show via, umm, Perez Hilton:

Our party was epic. Definitely the talk of all Austin.

Of course it was, Perez. Well, actually we can’t speak to how epic it was because we never quite made it. It did seem a lot of people wanted to go, although most wouldn’t fess up to more than simple curiosity, or the desire to see Robyn (we can relate). Alongside the Swedish pop princess, Hilton had N.E.R.D. (“He’s connected to the kids, he’s connected to our demographic,” Pharrell tells the AP) and, according to the L.A. Times, “fruity drinks, mini-cupcakes, gift bags … and hairstylists offering free makeovers.” And as he’s posted, “Next year, we’re doing it again – only bigger and even better!” Which we’re pretty sure means makeovers + lessons in Photoshopping cum stains. The blogger talked to NME post-party:

True, Perez was difficult to avoid this year. And not just the “phenomenon” — we saw him everywhere, once looking as bummed as we were to read this sign, and then outside Stubb’s talking about L.A.’s the Smell (which, in fairness, he only knew about because the Gossip had played there the night before … but still look out HEALTH: you’re next).