New Wavves – “Hula Hoop”

Last week you got a listen to “Cool Jumper,” which served as the debut of Nathan Williams’ collaboration with Zach Hill as well as his new, seemingly unpopular haircut. In a studio clip posted by Terror Eyes then reposted by Williams, we again see the new Hill-backed Wavves go for it, this time live and in living color on “Hula Hoop.” As with “Cool Jumper,” its clear Hill’s drumming brings something special to Williams’ California-sun noise-pop. If you stick around until the end, you’ll also hear the question: “Do you think my hair looks like Charlie Sheen from Major League?”

(Via Terror Eyes)

Regarding the track, Williams notes:

This is a rough live mix from how the song will be when it’s finished but once it’s done the track WILL be on the next record. Lyrically/Sonically the song will be pretty different but jam on it.

And, as usual, the Ghost Ramp tags add to the narrative: “Andy Morin, Bad Haircuts, Broken Bones, Church, Exhaustion, Food Poisoning, God, Pills, Pizza, Satan, Snacks, Sun Burns, Terror Eyes, Zach Hill.”

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