New Lightning Bolt – “Colossus”

Brian Chippendale and Brian Gibson release their fifth album Garden Of Earthly Delights in mid-October. The album title felt sort of Boschian when I heard it and turns out the album art kind of is as well. Speaking of expansive, take a listen to the seven-plus minute “Colossus.” From the start it locks into an interestingly half-speed groove — littered with those echoed, cavernous vocalisms — until the guys start running uphill at the 3:40 mark and then pass into a phased-out stratosphere in the last minute.

Lightning Bolt – “Colossus” (MP3)
(Via P4K)

The tracklist:

01 “Sound Guardians”
?02 “Nation of Boar”
?03 “Colossus”
?04 “The Sublime Freak”
?05 “Flooded Chamber?”
06 “Funny Farm?”
07 “Rain on Lake I’m Swimming In?”
08 “S.O.S.?”
09 “Transmissionary”

Earthly Delights is out 10/13 via Load. Here are some live dates:

08/29 – New Haven, CT @ TBA
?08/30 – Brooklyn, NY @ 979 Broadway Backyard?
08/31 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church?
09/05 – Los Angeles, CA  @ F Yeah Fest