Man Man – “Hurly/Burly”

A couple weeks ago we gave premature love to Man Man’s forthcoming Rabbit Habits. Last week, we caught the Philly band’s excellent Rabbit-y SXSW sets. Making it full circle, or something, the guys are premiering the super Rabbit standout “Hurly/Burly” in today’s Drop. In the past, we’ve spoken to frontman Ryan Kattner, aka Honus Honus, about coffee and dim sum. This time, we decided to ask him about music.

What’s the storyline? I can make out that someone’s hacking off limbs … and that the person gets brighter when they’re inside someone. Or, am I totally mishearing it? “She feels life’s too long…”?
“She feels (like) life is a dog on fire.” I like this line because sometimes I feel like I’m a dog on fire.

The song ends with the line, “this ain’t no love song.” Why? Would it be confused as one if you didn’t give us that warning?
Yes. That is correct.


Even if it’s not correct, at least we gave Honus a talking point to use in future interviews.

Rabbit Habits is out 4/8 on Anti-.

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