Girls’ Chris Owens Disses Lana Del Rey

Last week, internet fight-starter Lana Del Rey performed on the British TV show Later With Jools Holland. And Girls frontman Christopher Owens, another songwriter who translates classic 20th-century American-pop sounds through his own drugged-up and idiosyncratic vision, wasn’t too happy about it. As Pitchfork points out, Owens posted this on Twitter: “I’ve been asking to play on Jools Holland for years to no avail & now that fool invites Lana Del Rey instead. Yo, you fucked up Jools.”

But hold on! Before we throw Owens into the teeming mass of LDR-haters, a couple of things are worth noting. First: That LDR-dissing Tweet has since been deleted. Second: Owens has since taken to Twitter to issue an apology: “@LanaDelRey Dear Lana, don’t believe what anyone says, I don’t hate you. I got frustrated about Jools Holland. I got jealous, I’m sorry.” “I don’t hate you” is still a long way away from “I like you,” but this will probably not be the opening shot in the great 2012 West Coast indie war.

UPDATE: And speaking of Lana Del Rey, she recently followed up her much-commented-on live video of “Blue Jeans” with a similarly hazy “Live At The Premises” version of (wait for it) “Video Games.” Watch it below.

Yup, still like this song!