New Nite Jewel Video – “Want You Back”

I’d assumed Nite Jewel, aka Ramona Gonzalez and Emily Jane, showed their hand with the video for their lo-tech take on Roxy Music’s “Lover“: Conch shells, glitter, rainbow streaks, and shag rugs send a strong, not always positive message. The Los Angeles electro-pop duo switch things up, though, via the ocean-side stop motion dance routines in this playful Erin Dunn-directed clip for their Want You Back EP title track. That said, the pulsing flowers, crystalline waves, and little fox at the end of the video feel more aligned with their earlier karaoke routine.

(Via GvsB)

Want You Back is out via Italians Do It Better. Here’s “Falling Far” from the “Falling Far” b/w “Spiritual Nite Life” 7″:

Nite Jewel – “Falling Far” (MP3)

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