Weezer’s Seventh Album Gets A Title

When we posted the power pop anthem “(If You Are Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” yesterday, there was at least a bit of hope that Weezer would pull things together on album seven. That was 24 hours before we knew the name of album seven. The title? It’s Raditude. I’m not kidding. (Thanks for the tip, Steve.) The (sorta) explanation:

Via Karl’s Corner at weezer.com:

….the album that the new single is drawn from, Weezer’s 7th Album due out on October 27, DOES INDEED have a title, and the title is “Raditude”! “Raditude”?? WHAT is “Raditude”? WHO is “Raditude”? WHERE is “Raditude”? WHEN is “Raditude”? HOW is “Raditude”? DONDE ES “Raditude”? QUIERO “Raditude”? Là où “Raditude”? Pourquoi “Raditude”? Quand “Raditiude”? Quel “Raditude”? Waar “Raditude”? Waarom “Raditude”? Wanneer “Raditude”? Welke “Raditude”? Wo “Raditude”? Warum “Raditude”? Wenn “Raditude”? Welches “Raditude”? Dove “Raditude”? Perché “Raditude”? Quando “Raditude”? Quale “Raditude”? Raditude “Raditude”? ….”Raditude”?

The Jacknife Lee and Butch Walker-produced Raditude is out 10/27 via Geffen.

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