New Yelle Video – “Je Veux Te Voir”

Ah, Yelle, the staple of Tecktonika, the one who jumped around and wowed the Knit a few months ago during her U.S. debut. Now the song we posted from that show gets a video. Google translates “Je Veux Te Voir” as “I Want To See You,” (which takes on an unexpected meaning when you see Yelle sing it while wearing a clingy smiley-face shirt with eyes in line with the nipples). And hey, it goes both ways Yelle — we don’t think anyone’s gonna complain about seeing you, filming this video during your intensely sexy video regimen. We’re not exactly sure what sport all of these Yelle calisthenics are meant to train you for, but it looks as though if you replicate the moves at home you may become a better dancer and will definitely be much better in bed.

Also there’s a massive banana dancing in the crowd at 3:41.

Good song. We don’t have that one for you, but how about a remix of the last one?

Yelle – “A Cause Des Garçons (Booster Remix)” (MP3)


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