The Breeders “Bang On” Whilst Messing With Texas

Yes we were a little biased in calling our party on Saturday the best lineup in Austin, and based on what we saw from HEALTH and Fuck Buttons and High Places and No Age and et cetera, we’ll stick to it. But our steadfast refusal to leave our own party meant we were to leave Austin without seeing the Breeders (frown emoticon). That’s where Abbey Braden came in, messing with the Texas party via her audio/video capturing equipment. To wit: Here’s live video of the Breeders on Mountain Battles’ spare and chantable standout “Bang On.”

Kim looks like she’s having fun! So does this guy. Check out the rest of Abbey’s pics from the Mess With Texas show (Black Mountain, Yeasayer, Jay Reatard, Pissed Jeans, Islands, and of course Bradford Cox and the Breeders) here. Before you do, take this:

The Breeders – “Bang On” (MP3)

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