New Portishead Video – “Machine Gun”

You’ll have to hand over a fake name and fake email address to watch “Machine Gun,” but if you’re digging Third like we are, it’ll be worth the effort. Nothing especially innovative about the footage, but such a good song it hardly matters. In fact, the simplicity works in the video’s favor: The grainy footage is drowned in the same bluish tint as the ghostly, iconic album art, and for all the folks asking why bands don’t do more performance-based videos, this finds the Portisheads together in a room, concentrating on the ingredients each adds to the dubbed out “Machine Gun.” Note the intense concentration. And when the chilly synth line rolls over the High Places-on-ice drum triggers. You can watch it at, but maybe put on a warm jacket first.

UPDATE: Now it’s on YouTube, no fake ID necessary…

Tags: Portishead