New Chromatics Video – “Killing Spree”

There’s lots of lakeside creepiness and quick cuts in the Johnny Jewel-directed video for Chromatics’ 2007 Night Drive instrumental, “Killing Spree.” YouTube — and our fine cinematic eyes — tell us the glossy footage was “shot on a Soviet Pentavax Cinemataire 12 mm camera” by the Glass Candy dude at an unknown location in summer ’07. Maybe it’s Portland? Italy? (That’s a joke.) Whatever the case, the ominous set-up stars Chromatics’ Ruth Radelet floating in a body of water — Spiderland-style — and one of those Husky dogs sniffing the water’s edge.

This is listed as the “censored version.” We see that dead hand at the end, but what happens in the uncensored take, Johnny?