New Midnight Movies – “Nights In White Satin” (Stereogum Premiere)

Midnight Movies give the Moody Blues moody treatment in their fairly faithful cover of “Nights In White Satin.” Faithful, except that it’s sung by a woman, Gena Olivier. The dark L.A. psychedelic pop-rockers wisely left off the spoken-word poetry “Late Lament,” which you can hear at the six-minute mark of the original recording. (We always thought that moment was hilarious when we heard it on rock radio.) Anyhow, this is part of the Movies’ upcoming six-song, digital + vinyl Nights EP, which follows their sophomore album, Lion The Girl. The EP also includes “Nights In What Satin” sung in French (“Mes Reves Satin”), two remixes of a pair of Lion tracks (Nick Zinner on “Souvenirs” and James Iha on “Patient Eye,” which you can download here), and two previously unreleased Lion session tracks. Up to date? Take it away Gena…

Midnight Movies – “Nights In White Satin” (MP3)

That fuzzy Comets On Fire guitar riffing at the end pushes away from the original as well. In case you need a reminder, take a look/nostalgia trip at the Moody dudes singing on a staircase.

For what it’s worth, as a kid, at least one of us thought it was “Knights In White Satin.” Totally different story that way.

Nights EP is out digitally via New Line Records.