New Ida Video – “The Weight Of The Straw”

The Megan Holmes-directed video for Ida’s “The Weight of the Straw” pieces together b&w film footage of small town spaces, empty fields, lone-lit windows, logging trucks, men on horses, and headlights, etc., in a landscape that’s drenched rain, night, and loneliness. Mixed with the hushed song, it creates a stunningly understated series of vignettes. When we spoke with the band about recording Lovers Prayers in the Catskills, Daniel Littleton told us, “If you listen closely enough you can hear the fireplace, a bird flying around the rafters knocking things over, tree frogs and insects.” Though it was likely just a mistake someone made when uploading the video to YouTube, after the moving images end, you get four minutes of black screen. It’s pretty eerie — Ida’s already quiet sounds transformed into dead silence. (Don’t fix it, video uploader.)

Lovers Prayers is out via Polyvinyl.

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