Barack Obama Is Barack Obama-sistible!

Barack Obama Is Barack Obama-sistible!

Detroit Octane, aka writer, actor, and Adult Swim-er Jon Glaser and friends, have penned a ridiculously catchy (and just ridiculous) campaign tune for Barack Obama (he’s the new black). It’s set to Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible.” We’d say Jon Glaser For President, but this whole thing is about electing somebody else for president. So instead we’ll say just watch. There are more forced rhymes than on an R. Kelly track.

(Via Aziz, last seen dancing to the Clipse and running t-shirt gun enabled rescue missions)

Good drumming faces, drummer. As they note at YouTube, “This is our first song and our first foray into campaign videos. Check back at our site for new songs and videos.” Like “What Huckabee Wants” set to the tune of Wham!’s “Everything She Wants.” Very bipartisan. Sorta. (Note the kissing boys part.) If you’d like more background on the Obama vid, here’s the Making Of Barack Obama-sistible. Inspirational stuff: You’ll never hear that “L”!

And, in closing, here’s Tracy Morgan’s two cents.

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