T.I. – “Here Ye, Hear Ye” (Feat. Pharrell)

T.I. has been making some good music since his latest prison release, but he hasn’t given us another certified banger until now. “Here Ye, Hear Ye” is pretty much exactly what the world needs to hear from Tip: Hard-ass chorus-free regal talk over a slow-rolling, horn-drenched head-nodder of a beat. There’s also a long and absolutely nasty Pharrell verse in there. The more I listen, the more certain I am that Pharrell actually outrapped T.I., which is pretty goddam impressive when you consider how strong Tip comes here. Listen below.

(via Nah Right)

“It’s fecal, fam. Yeah, it’s the shit. Zip your face up when Skateboard is on the script.” Pharrell is just monstering shit right here.

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