My Teenage Stride

Last night EJ, East Coast Peggy, and I saw Jed’s band at Mercury. They were great as always, like Fountains of Wayne covering Weezer. Really concise, smart ’60s pop. It was also Palomar’s record release party, but we were starving so we missed their set and went to Kiev, a Russian restaurant that plays My Bloody Valentine. East Coast Peggy’s band is opening for The Secret Machines (!) on September 11 at Rothko. Go see them ’cause Peggy is awesome.

Today I cannot get this song out of my head: “Hang Up the Phone” by Annie Golden. I saw the awesomely bad video on VH1 Classic yesterday and the song’s still stuck in my head. It was in 16 Candles. I sort of wish it was on iTunes even though it’s really cheesy.

I will review the new R.E.M. album for you guys soon. As with many of their post-Out Of Time albums, I hated it at first and now I love it. There’s even some rapping (not by Stipe) on “The Outsiders” and they sorta get away with it.

Friday thread: Best R.E.M. Album? / Worst R.E.M. Album?

I’m going with Automatic / Monster … changed my mind … Reveal