HEALTH Tear Up The Volume Stage At Stereogum’s SXSW Party

Most everyone that was lucky enough to be standing in the vicinity of HEALTH’s frighteningly awesomely set this past Saturday were equally dumbstruck, sweaty. The HEALTH set easily landed at the top of our list of favorite sets of the SXSW — and we’re certain this footage will translate to cubicle/streaming-video viewing better than perhaps others that similarly slayed. As No Age said as the duo wound up their set, “HEALTH is up next. Get ready to have your face melted.” The metaphors flew around in the patio afterwards: The sound of warring dinosaurs (“Triceratops”!), violently fucking (“Courtship”!)? Or maybe the sound of a nuclear power plant, metals grinding to a hault and on the verge of meltdown. Whatever you call it, it was enough for a few of us to lose our voices screaming along to, watching the L.A. kids bring their Smell-honed spasms to the party’s close. This is HEALTH. We bow down.

“/ / M \ \” & “Crimewave”

If you aren’t whiplashed or scared just yet, there’s two more must-views waiting…

“Heaven” & “Tabloid Sores”

“Triceratops” & “Courtship”

Uh, you’re fucking welcome, HEALTH. Thanks for destroying. We’ll go ahead and thank you on behalf of Paste, too.