New Flaming Lips – “See The Leaves”

The Flaming Lips’ massive-looking 18-track Embryonic double album is out in less than two months and so far it hasn’t sprung any major leaks. We’ve heard the shuffling and busily unhinged “Convinced Of The Hex,” the dreamy, Kraut-y “Silver Trembling Hands,” and the syrupy robotics of “The Impulse” courtesy of that pre-Embryonic digital EP. Now there’s the dark, partially industrialized “See The Leaves.” It’s quite a head trip. It’s also quite good to see the guys digging into slightly bleaker psychedelia after so many spins in that giant hamster ball.

Still no sign of Karen O and MGMT?

Embryonic is out in 10/13 on Warner Bros. See you before that at Kutsher’s.