Bon Iver, ?uestlove Unhappy With Rolling Stone

Yesterday, we posted a fairly random and goofy list of Bon Iver’s five favorite rap verses, which main man Justin Vernon had compiled for the current issue of Rolling Stone. As it turns out, Vernon isn’t too happy with the way the list came out, claiming that the magazine changed his list. Also not happy: Roots drummer/bandleader and actual rap historian type ?uestlove, whose list for the magazine got cut completely.

All these disputes arose on Twitter yesterday. First, ?uestlove: “A lil miffed @RollingStone includes a half baked “top 10 rap verses” list from bon iver’s justin (he could only name 6 at that….). Meanwhile I SLAVED for hrs givin a damn near college level list only to read new issue to see they dropped it. Thanks @RollingStone. Really.”

Then, Vernon responded: “i’m pissed too, dude! totally shaved my list and changed its context. why do we do this shit for these people? wtf. #dontgetit.” And finally, ?uestlove left his final word: “i see the ‘Just/Love’ Writing Revolt project in our horizon! i’m rewriting that RS article with a vengeance for my own site. but its NADA to do w/ you. its more w/ losin a well deserved date night. which ironically im messin up NOW redoing this story lol.” And Vernon joined the lovefest: “ill supply my own ‘bad grammar guy who only listens to commercial rap apparently” column. xoox”

Panda Bear’s publicist also Tweeted that Panda supplied a list for the issue, which also didn’t run. Rolling Stone did run ?uestlove’s list online, and every magazine has space considerations to worry about, especially in the age of nobody having any advertisers anymore. But it does seems a bit lame to solicit these lists from musicians and then either cut them or chop them to pieces.