Blitzen Trapper Meet Carrie Brownstein, Play The Stereogum Party

Of all the bands at our SXSW party, Blitzen Trapper seemed most likely to collapse the Volume stage. Yes, more so than HEALTH — there are more people, you see. The six Portlanders crowded onto the riser and proceeded to bounce and stomp with an overflow of energy you might not have immediately grasped from their recordings. (That, and an awesome drummer.) To see what we mean, take a look at this raucous take on “Wild Mountain Nation,” the title track from Blitzen’s third album.

Now compare it to this. The difference is more monumental when you see ‘em in person. Also, since she was on location, we asked fellow PDX resident Carrie Brownstein if she’d interview the band after their set. The NPR blogger and ThunderAnt was kind enough to comply, speaking with frontman Eric Earley about proper tubing techniques, the Trail Blazers, karaoke, Eagles, skiing, the Kinks, hair color, tattoos, etc. All in under two minutes!

Crawdads. So that’s what they call ‘em in Oregon, eh Eric?