New Jamie Lidell Video – “Little Bit Of Feel Good”

The soulful junk jam we first encountered in a blue tinged LA garage is the first big single from Jamie’s Jim, his new Warp opus next month. Lidell’s got a strong foot in the absurd — how else could you explain the endless beatboxing sessions and costumes of his occasionally brilliant live sets — so this video has the quirk you’d probably expect … but if by “little bit of feel good” you think he meant “little bit of loving from a unicorn-lady,” then hey you actually know the guy even better than we do. And you wanna know the best part of sleeping with a horse? If you have an ax handy, recreating that scene from The Godfather is just a chop away! (That wasn’t our disturbing contribution to the dialog as much as it was a scene from this clip, btw.)

UPDATE: Thanks Jules — unicorn, not a horse. More on why we will never write a mythical creatures blog.

Part Patrick Bateman, part yogi, all awesome. Equus-cide aside, Jamie seems like a pretty great lover. Jim is out in the UK 4/28 and in the US 4/29 via Warp.

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