New Ssion Video – “Ah-Ma”

We last heard from the Glass Candy remixing Ssion frontman Cody Critcheloe when he directed Tilly & The Wall’s “Beat Control” video with fellow Kansas City crew member Drew Bolton. Here, Critcheloe’s a taunting, whiskey-downing, sleazy-ass hairdresser, getting crazy with the developer and Saran Wrap on his cross-dressing mama. As the YouTube description puts it, “Cody’s mom gets a punk makeover.” She also gets her face licked. Cool that CC and his moms have such a close relationship.

“I only walk like a fag ’cause of all of my blisters / And I only fuck girls ’cause you and dad never gave me a sister.” Dude’s attitude might be bad, his technique kinda odd, but he does get results.

Fool’s Gold is out now on Sleazetone.

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