New Smith Westerns – “Girl In Love”

New Smith Westerns – “Girl In Love”

On their MySpace page glammy Chicago garage-pop quartet Smith Westerns list their influences as “Girls Girls Girls.” They have a couple of songs about boys, but I get what they mean, sure. (Also, whether an intentional reference or not, they do nail a similar vibe as the San Francisco duo of the same name.) Otherwise, they’re not being forthcoming enough by leaving Garry Glitter off the list. See, for instance, “Girl In Love” from their self-titled debut: It might make you think about “Leader Of The Gang” and/or “Rock And Roll.” You’ll likely hear T Rex’s “Jeepster,” too. Influence unpacking aside — it’s fun stuff regardless — find Nirvana in the album art.

Smith Westerns – “Girl In Love”(MP3)

The tracklist:

01 “Dreams”
02 “Boys Are Fine”
03 “Gimme Some Time”
04 “Girl In Love”
05 “We Stay Out”
06 “Tonight”
07 “Be My Girl”
08 “The Glam Goddess”
09 “Diamond Boys”
10 “My Heart”

Smith Westerns is out via HoZac. You can also get “Girl In Love” with fellow album track “Be My Girl” on a limited-edition UK 7″ available 9/14 via Transparent. The song’s been floating around, but in case you missed it:

Smith Westerns – “Be My Girl” (MP3)

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