New No Age – “Eraser” (& “Boy Void”), Live In Austin

It’s always fun watching Randy and Dean go to town with that special No Age oomph. How do vegans have so much energy? Regardless, the duo played our Saturday Volume party (from which we’ve also posted the beloved circuit benders Fuck Buttons and aerobically sound HEALTH), showcasing the warping “Eraser,” a new song from their forthcoming Sub Pop album Nouns. (Note: The feedback loop reminds us of MBV’s “Glider.”) Live, the smear’s more pronounced than on the jangly album version, but goddamn do these guys write great snotty punk pop songs. (Speaking of which, another Nouns track, “Teen Creeps,” is a favorite right now … more on that later.)


If you dug that, and can’t wait until the album’s release in May, Sub Pop is putting out an “Eraser” 7″ in April with three b-side covers of songs by Nerves, Nate Denver, and Urinals. For the more nostalgically minded, R and D also played the beloved art-punker “Boy Void” for us, with less flickers than the official video. But, this take has Randy talking about getting cocked in Texas.

“Boy Void”

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