New Elvis Perkins In Dearland – “Slow Doomsday”

The last we heard from Elvis Perkins In Dearland, they were rattling “Chains, Chains, Chains” in a shadowy, cavernous Sean Pecknold video. Earlier, we shared Elvis Perkins In Dearland opener “Shampoo.” This time the listening session looks forward to The Doomsday EP. As you might suspect, the full-length’s “Doomsday” serves as the foundation for the forthcoming collection. It’s fleshed out by additional tracks including “Slow Doomsday” (which sounds like its title suggests). Or, as Perkins notes regarding the doubling: “[O]ne comes from our March release and the other […] leans in the direction of its original conception as something of a gospel number.”

Elvis Perkins In Dearland – “Slow Doomsday”(MP3)

The tracklist:

01 “Doomsday”
02 “Gypsy Davy” (Traditional)
03 “Stay Zombie Stay”
04 “Stop Drop Rock and Roll”
05 “Weeping Mary” (J.P. Reese)
06 “Slow Doomsday”

Elvis Perkins In Dearland is out via XL. The Doomsday EP is out 10/20, also via XL, but it can be pre-ordered.