Ryan Adams Is Writing The Hits With Stupid, Not Combing The Leprechaun

Nonsense headline comes courtesy of two new Ryan Adams songs! But don’t get too excited, these are more of the man-of-many-pseudoynm variety (DJ Reggie, Wherewolph, etc.) than the Heartbreaker you know and equally love. As we discovered while in Austin, Ry’s got a Tumblr. And as we discovered by the time we got a minute to blog about it, he had already wiped the slate clean. (He explained with a post on “Fickleblogging”: post a bunch of stuff, delete it at will, start all over again). Since then he’s at full force, though, with prose for Nas (“Matzoh ball soup for the hip hop crush”), pictures of Knut, pictures of himself, and goofy acoustic tunes. You can find the tunes here and here, but since they’re bound to go down again, here are some embeds (unless of course the concept of Fickleblogging extends to Vimeoblogging). (Thanks, Joe, for reminding us to check in).

“Don’t Comb The Leprechaun”

You might recognize that heart effect from when Ry was making YouTube love letters to Jessica Joffe. Those videos are down, of course. So while you can, here’s “Writing The Hits With Stupid.”

“Writing The Hits With Stupid”

Our guess: Ryan was reading Gawker’s ongoing coverage of his ex-gf Parker Posey’s dog, and discovered Jakob Lodwick and the tools of the creative underclass: Vimeo and Tumblr.

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