New Oh Astro Video – “Hello Fuji Boy”

In the spirit of Stereogum being your #1 source for documentation of Lionel Richie appropriation, last year we turned our attention to the spliced genius of Oh Astro’s “Hello Fuji Boy” (“Hello” + Fujiya & Miyagi’s “Ankle Injuries” + Hot Chip’s “Boy From School”). And in the spirit of Oh Astro being top-flight cut-and-paste media surgeons, the track’s video stitches and stutters scenes from Sid and Mary Krofft’s ’70s kids show The Lost Saucer. There were probably about as many permissions filed for the video footage as there were for the track itself, but it wouldn’t be Illegal Art any other way.

To go:

Hello Astro – “Hello Fuji Boy” (MP3)

Oh Astro’s Champions Of Wonder is out via Illegal Art. You can get the track-by-track sample recipe along with a couple more MP3s here, and you can still get the Illegal Art 2007 four-track sampler on which we first heard “Hello Fuji Boy” by downloading this free zip.