New Pyramids With Nadja – “Another War” (Stereogum Premiere)

Across four extended soundscapes, psychedelic Denton post-metallers Pyramids team with seemingly everywhere/highly collaborative Toronto duo Nadja to create expansive ambient dirges that feel both fragile and heavy. You get the blast beats and wraithlike black metal vocalism of Pyramids’ gorgeous self-titled debut on the airily pummeling “The Sound of Ice and Grass” and for sections of the highly triumphant closer “An Angel Was Heard To Cry Over The City Of Rome,” but elsewhere the Texas quartet meld with Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff to create something entirely new: A spacious, darkly illuminated naturalist drone. The collection includes well-chosen guest spots from Cocteau Twins/This Mortal Coil bassist Simon Raymonde, Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch, and Mineral’s Chris Simpson. The Mineral/Gloria Record frontman provides haunted vocals for “Another War,” a track you can lose yourself in right now.

The tracklist:

01 “Into The Silent Waves”
02 “Another War”
03 “The Sound Of Ice And Grass”
04 “An Angel Was Heard To Cry Over The City Of Rome”

Pyramids With Nadja is out 10/27 via Hydra Head. Keep your eyes peeled for remixes of opener “Into The Silent Waves” by Lustmord (!) and Ulver (!!).

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