The Cribs Do “Be Safe” With Lee Ranaldo, Cover Replacements Without Him

All in Brooklyn. This past Thursday, Lee Ranaldo joined UK buzzers the Cribs onstage at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, recreating his King Missile contribution to “Be Safe.” He’d tried to collaborate with the lads on the song last summer at the Mercury Lounge before illness struck, but this was the first time the band pulled it off with a real-life Ranaldo in a real-life live setting — normally they project the SY-er on a screen. In person, he read off a piece of paper, which is a tad anti-climactic. At least his pronunciation’s good.

Cribs frontman Ryan Jarman’s girlfriend Kate Nash was also there. Sadly, she was reportedly hassled by security and denied “adult beverages” (she is only 20, after all). Via NY Magazine:

MHoW bouncers mistook her for an underage groupie, confiscating her drink and scoffing at her repeated cries of “But I’m with the band!” till she ran for cover backstage.

Guess the night was more about Men’s Needs. The article also quotes someone joking that Lee came because he “lives around the corner.” (What’s Thurston’s excuse?) Speaking of “Youth,” according to NME, the band also did a cover of the Replacements’ “Bastards Of Young.” We’ll add it when we find it.