New Them Crooked Vultures – “Dead End Friends” (Live In Amsterdam)

Josh, Dave, and John Paul didn’t make it easy for us to attend their first-ever live show: midnight on a Sunday in Chicago, which happened to be just hours after three days of the muggiest Lollapalooza to date, at the 1,100-capacity Metro rock club. Which had a broken air conditioner, as if the 1,100+ Zep/QOTSA/Foos/Nirvana superfans needed any help overheating. Still, it was a first look at a surprisingly good mindmeld, far from the undercooked vanity project years of similarly high-powered but ultimately directionless collabs have made it fair to expect.

And as it goes, Them Crooked Vultures didn’t make it any easier for us to attend their second-ever live show: at Melkweg in Amsterdam last night. Once again, longtime Homme-budsman Alain Johannes joined on guitars as the low-pro fourth Vulture, and I’ll bet the 12-song setlist was identical. Only this time there’s actually some serviceable YouTube that came out of it. (Relatively serviceable.) This is “Dead End Friends,” which helps demonstrate how Josh-centric Them can be, opening with a flash of their stoner-rock impulses and served with plentiful looks at Grohl’s whiplashing drums and chemistry with JPJ.

Sorry for that shit quality. In contrast this official 30 second preview clip is pristine, and is of the song that hit hardest at the Metro: “Nobody Loves Me And Neither Do I,” that night’s set-closer and what will likely be their album’s first single.

There was some misinformation floating around about TCV’s first album back around the time of the Metro show; as of now, there’s no title announced, nor is there a release date, but that footage from the studio suggests that yes there is at least an album to expect. In the meantime, the band has two more appearances scheduled, for considerably more fans than the first pair: Belgian music festival Pukkelpop on 8/21, and the Lowlands festival a day later in the Netherlands. Book your tix.

UPDATE: Try this “Dead End Friends” for better audio…