Rogue Wave

Bought a great CD this weekend. Rogue Wave is a hot Bay Area band often compared to the Shins. “Kicking The Heart Out,” a nice burst of melancholy acoustic pop, is a free download on iTunes this week. Recommended if you like Elliott Smith. Out Of The Shadow was out on the band’s own label last year, but got rereleased by SubPop this summer. Check it out.

Last night we watched the VMAs. Could’ve used more Britney, less off-key Hoobostank. We texted Ultragrrrl halfway through and she revealed she MET the Olsen twins. Lucky bitch. It’s funny to think Bette Midler hosted the first VMAs. MTV should’ve flew her out to Miami to mix it up with Lil’ Jon.

We’re watching Cara’s kitten Peapod this week. I was very opposed to the idea, but I have to admit she’s pretty cute. She’s mischievous and likes shoelaces. We’ve renamed her Claus Von Bulow. I think she’s scared of me.

This is also the post where you can bitch about the RNC.