New WHY? Video – “Song Of The Assassin”

“Song Of The Assassin” is such a great choice for first video from Yoni Wolf’s label-resisting WHY? outfit’s Alopecia LP, just because it captures the album’s best elements in four-and-a-half minute form. The track’s lyrics start with an extraordinary scene (a la “The Hollows” — there it was spying on two men fucking on a basketball court to the jingle of pocket change; here it’s finding a dead body in the water, dressing its wound with a bra as a token post-postmortem measure). They’re then fleshed and meshed with Yoni’s laid-back melodies and spoken-word syncopations (“Billy the kid, did what he did and he died, Billy the kid, did what he did and he died”). The vid has all of that married to animation from Mike L. Mayfield (the pen behind King Of The Hill and, yeah, American Dad), who gives life to the piano lines by making piano hammers out of a ribcage, and adds poetry to Wolf’s prose by melting Yoni’s face off so he looks, just for a second, like the dead body in the water.

Very nice work, Mike. Impressive and beautiful. Now, please stop doing American Dad. It hurts. This soothes:

WHY? – “The Hollows” (MP3)

Alopecia is out via Anticon.

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