Esquire’s Top Ten Car Commercial Songs Of The Year, Or, Wilco Make Good Car-Selling Music

Esquire has compiled a list of this last year’s 10 best car commercial as part of their annual music awards, The Eskys. Right off the bat, you should notice the importance of Jeff Tweedy to the car industry … and half-baked lists. Via Esquire:

10 “Sky Blue Sky” – Wilco (2007 Volkswagen Eos)
09 “Our Country” – John Mellencamp (2007 Chevy Silverado)
08 “You Are My Face” – Wilco (2007 Volkswagen Jetta)
07 “Walken” – Wilco (2007 Volkswagen Jetta)
06 “Stars” – Hum (2007 Cadillac CTS)

05 “Either Way” – Wilco (2007 Volkswagen Beetle)
04 “Red Morning Light” – Kings of Leon (2008 Ford Focus)
03 “The Funeral” – Band of Horses (2008 Ford Edge)
02 “The Thanks I Get” – Wilco (2007 Volkswagen GTI)
01 “Whatever song was playing behind the footage of Bob Dylan driving a big, black luxury SUV through the desert for the 2008 Cadillac Escalade”

Dylan’s cruising around to Smog’s “Held,” Esquire. And, yes, Wilco are the car commercial champions! Five top 10 spots! For those not mathematically inclined, that’s half. So, like, this list wouldn’t even exist without the VolksWilco deal? In that same breath, we can’t believe “Our Country” made that list. Maybe it’s a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame thing. Or that Hum’s “Stars” is undervalued at six — c’mon, the song was brought out of retirement for that commercial! (We’re still not sick of the Cadillac-approved riff.) Biggest exclusion: Stephin Merritt’s The Wheels On The Car.” That shit’s shameless and catchy. You can watch the commercials at the Esquire post. Just don’t get seduced into buying anything.

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