Last Of Our SXSW Videos, Promise: Evangelicals, High Places, Yeasayer

SXSW is way over, and we have no intention of posting about it anymore. Except for oh yeah this last splurge of live videos that never made it onto these pages last week. The final crumbs from our SXSW ’08 archives include deep cuts from a trifecta of bands that we’ve been talking up a lot of late, along with a brand new song for fans of High Places. We’ll start it with with the raucous, sprawling psych-pop of Oklahoma’s Evangelicals. Here’s the dark and ebullient, narrated tale of “Party Crashin,'” live from the Mohawk Patio:

Evangelicals – “Party Crashin'”

Following fellow guitar-free BTW Fuck Buttons on Saturday, Brooklyn BTW High Places’ singular kitchen-sink Beat Happening calypso felt perfect for an early, sunny afternoon. There are just two folks on stage — Rob, clad in his purple Mika Miko tee, smashing sticks against triggers, Mary singing, often with her back to the audience, in a patterned shirt that seems to echo the tropical elements they toss into the mix — but they remain completely engrossing. For starters, as much as we study Rob’s noisemaker, we still can’t quite figure out how all the triggers work. Which is sad, because we even had him explain it. That, and it’s amazing how Mary at times seems to barely open her mouth when she sings, but somehow a crystalline voice emerges. Her stories come across clearer in a live setting — unlike a lot of folks’ lyrics, they’re worth listening to, following along.

We have footage of a new song, an oldie, and one of our favorites. First is the avian and shaker fragment, “Freaked Flight,” one of the first few songs the band wrote.

High Places – “Freaked Flight”

Then, a personal HP favorite, “Head Spins,” and its “we talked about all kinds of things, / like dinosaurs and seagulls’ wings / and where the ocean meets the forest, this is where we sing the chorus…”

High Places – “Head Spins”

And, the excellent Snoop Dogg squiggles and steel drum action of newbie, “…Vision’s The First,” an immediate standout. If this an indication of where they’re going with the full length, we are very excited, indeed.

High Places – “Vision’s The First…”

Finally, live and direct from the Pitchfork party at Emo’s, Yeasayer. Unfortunately Anand never quite makes the frame, but at least our mic wasn’t impeded by the sightlines.

Yeasayer – “2080”

Yeasayer – “Wait For The Summer”

And that, as they say, is it. With that we remind you to book your hotel for next year, now. We mean it. You’ll thank us when you’re the one not waiting for a cab after the Fucked Up 3AM bridge party.