Watch Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Debut Live

Last night, former Oasis co-leader Noel Gallagher played the first-ever live show with his High Flying Birds project at Dublin, Ireland’s Olympia Theatre. The band played most of the High Flying Birds album, and they also ran through a bunch of Oasis tracks, both hits and deep cuts. Below, we’ve got the setlist, as well as some crowd-filmed videos of them playing new joints “If I Had A Gun…” and “AKA… What A Life!” and old joints “Supersonic” and “Wonderwall.” Worth noting: The new songs are already pretty huge singalongs, though still not up to “Wonderwall” level. Noel Gallager playing “Wonderwall” anywhere in Great Britain or the Republic Of Ireland is like if Dashboard Confessional, in 1999, walked into a high school drama club and started playing “Screaming Infidelities.” Singalongs just don’t get any louder.

01 “It’s Good To Be Free”
02 “Mucky Fingers”
03 “Everybody’s On The Run”
04 “Dream On”
05 “If I Had A Gun…”
06 “The Good Rebel”
07 “The Death Of You And Me”
08 New song
09 “Wonderwall”
10 “Supersonic”
11 “(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine”
12 “AKA… What A Life!”
13 “Talk Tonight”
14 “Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks”
15 “AKA… Broken Arrow”
16 “Half The World Away”
17 “(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach”
18 “Don’t Look Back In Anger”
19 “The Importance Of Being Idle”
20 “Little By Little”
(via Blinded By Sound)