Britney, Big Star On Your Mother

Last night’s How I Met Your Mother finally saw Britney take a meaningful stab at no longer appearing to the public as a drugged-up/sex-crazed ditz by taking on a role as a receptionist/sex-crazed ditz. But in a sweet way! And she was passable, if only momentarily awkward. Let’s go to the tape, kicking off with a ghostly collage of Brit images (nice one, YouTube).

If you need context for Britney’s airheadedness, watch the whole thing at CBS. Or if you just need to recreate the magic moment in the comfort of your own bra and panties, you can bid in the auction for her HIMYM wardrobe.

Also the show featured Big Star’s “Thirteen” in the scene where Ted and the girl from Scrubs (aka Becky #2 from Roseanne) have a two-minute date (she played a single mom so only has time for a two-minute date! [Laugh track!]). It was easily the coolest song played on the show since Your Mother got Slanted and Enchanted. Also, “How I Met Your Mother” is the name of a piece in David Berman’s poetry collection Actual Air. Just sayin’ is all.