Adam Duritz Knows You Hate Him, Takes Meds That Make Him Fat

After watching Adam hating himself all over a sweet apartment in Counting Crows new video the other day, all we could think was dude needs to get over himself like ten years ago. That’s probably the answer to the question posed by the new Rolling Stone piece “Why Can’t Adam Duritz Get Any Respect?” But still, the interview by Brian Hiatt is a good read. We learn that Duritz is 43, and lets a pretty Berkeley grad named Emily live in his gigantic NYC apartment. He’s not fucking her. In fact, he hasn’t slept with most of the pretty ladies you think he has (only one of the two Friends he dated, for example). His dreadlocks are fake. Anti-psychotic meds have made him fat. He had an acid flashback that lasted all of 1986. Emo bands aren’t afraid to admit they like Counting Crows. Adam Duritz knows you think Counting Crows suck. But, he says, he’s really a nice person.

Read it here.