New Phil Selway (Radiohead) – “The Witching Hour” (Live In London)

Along with packing a mouthful of a contributing artist list, Neil Finn’s 7 Worlds Collide project has introduced us to the world of Phil Selway: Singer-Songwriter via the Radiohead drummer’s singing and songwriting of “The Ties That Bind Us.” That song appears on the Finn/Tweedy/Marr/Selway/O’Brien/etc. “supergroup”‘s The Sun Came Out LP tracklist, as does another Phil song titled “The Witching Hour.” Like last time, it’s some FanTube that gives us our first listen.

Generally when the Radioheads go it alone, the results still have a transcendent air (think The Eraser or There Will Be Blood). Selway’s sensitive man with guitar thing, however, is more earth-bound; whether it’s the approachable prose (“Take me out into the night / show me, show me wonders and delights”), the pretty but fallible vocal, or the basic chord movement, it’s fragile and imperfect and utterly human. That’s not a slag, though (I too am human), and actually it’s fun to watch, and juxtapose its net effect with the alien games he contributes to when sitting behind a drumset.

Did you like? There’s gonna be plenty more where that came from: According to some sleuthing by Green Plastic Radiohead, Phil’s working on a solo LP. More details on that TK. The 7 Worlds Collide project’s The Sun Came Out LP is out later this year.

UPDATE: And here’s “The Ties That Bind Us” from the same show:

[Pic via Wonker.]