Depeche Mode/Peter Bjorn & John @ Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara 8/20/09

This is a special Depeche Mode photo set Andrew Youssef delivered: there are no photos of Dave Gahan with his shirt off! Increyable. The singer’s recent illness forced the band to cancel a spate of dates, so chalk it up to health concerns rather than a latter day bout of self-consciousness, but still, that’s gotta be a first. (OK, a second.) The setlist was substantially similar to what we got at Lollapalooza; like the better part of this tour, though, most everything else was post ’80s, which meant yes there was no “Just Can’t Get Enough” among countless others. Due to the Bowl’s curfew a few songs were cut from the setlist, however 18 songs with DM is still a success. Opening the show was Peter Bjorn & John, playing to a much larger crowd than last we saw ‘em. (Plus, their guitar tech has fantastic taste in t-shirts.) Both bands’ setlists:

01 “In Chains”
02 “Wrong”
03 “Hole To Feed”
04 “Walking In My Shoes”
05 “It’s No Good”
06 “A Question Of Time”
06 “Precious”
07 “Fly On The Windscreen”
08 “Jezebel”
09 “Home”
10 “Policy Of Truth”
11 “In Your Room”
12 “I Feel You”
13 “Enjoy The Silence”
14 “Never Let Me Down Again”
15 “Somebody”
16 “Stripped”
17 “Behind The Wheel”
18 “Personal Jesus”

01 “Nothing To Worry About”
02 “Living Thing”
03 “Amsterdam”
04 “It Don’t Move Me”
05 “Lay It Down”
06 “Just The Past”
07 “Young Folks”
08 “Up Against The Wall”