New Raconteurs Video – “Salute Your Solution”

These guys are moving quickly. As promised in the initial press release about Consolers Of The Lonely, the Raconteurs indeed have made available a video for “Salute The Solution” on this, the official release date. It’s got an opening menu in the style of their old-school DOS-sy site, so you’ll have to select “1” for Video and then let the stream of snapshots fly. Yes, snapshots, as in stills, which is the video aesthetic of choice these days — although unlike Kaki and the Spree, this one’s not trying to be anything more than a collection of rhythmically sequenced photos. Our evaluation of Consolers is still in its premature stages, but this at least is a a good look at Raconteurs 2.0.

In case you Web Sheriff didn’t tell you, Consolers Of The Lonely is out via XL/Warner.