Pearl Jam – “Not For You” Video (Dir. Cameron Crowe)

It’s nowhere near their best or most popular song, but in a lot of ways, the Vitalogy cut “Not For You” is the most characteristic Pearl Jam song. Here was the band, at or near the peak of its popularity, putting together a compellingly feral hard-rock stomp about how they wanted vast chunks of their fanbase to just stop paying attention to them — and they made it catchy enough to get stuck in those unwanted fans’ heads. Those were complicated times.

In conjunction with his new Pearl Jam Twenty documentary, director Cameron Crowe has now put together a new video for “Not For You,” and there’s a lot of archival stage footage in there. That makes this the first Pearl Jam video in many moods, even if it is just an old song with old footage. Watch it at IMDB.