New Washed Out – “Belong”

When we posted “Feel It All Around” by Columbia, SC bedroom ambient-psych maker Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, I compared the song to a chilly summer then made a bad July Language pun in reference to Belong’s October Language. As if reading my mind, Greene just released a new track called “Belong.” Like “Feel It All Around,” “You’ll See It,” and the darker “Hold Out,” this sandy, shimmering nugget starts in media res and ends before you think it should. Which makes me think it’ll eventually create one huge patchwork — even if it’s up to you to do the stitching. “Belong” comes from the forthcoming High Times cassette.

Washed Out – “Belong” (MP3)
(Via Fader)

High Times is out mid-September via Mirror Universe in an edition of 100. Mexican Summer’s putting out a six-song 12″ in September in an edition of 1,000.

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