The Raveonettes Look Good While Performing “Aly, Walk With Me” For Letterman

The track that first Dropped late last year — and got an ambulatory video early this one — finally got its live, televised closeup last night on Letterman. “Finally” because there’s few bands better built for the motion picture cameras than the Raveonettes. Remember being in middle school and occasionally falling in love with a random band you’d see on late night TV? Not all indie stars are able to put the full thrust of their appeal into three-and-a-half minutes of television (i.e. not all are quite so telegenic), but the Raveonettes smoky-cool sting last night just may have been enough to convince some mall punk fan to switch up the style a bit, therebytaking their first baby step on the march towards discovering Psychocandy. And that’s a very good thing. Dave loves it (also we think he loves Sharin).

Lust Lust Lust is out via Vice.