Radiohead Play “These Are My Twisted Words” Live For The First Time

Upon the track’s official release on Monday, Jonny wrote that the band would “probably” play “These Are My Twisted Words” at this summer’s concerts. And sure enough Radiohead kicked off the encore to their first ever Austrian show Friday with the new non-album, non-EP single. A fan at the 2009 Frequency Festival in St. Poelten captured it for posterity:

01 “15 Step”
?02 “There There”?
03 “Airbag”?
04 “All I Need”
?05 “Kid A”?
06 “The National Anthem”
07 “Nude”
?08 “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”
?09 “The Gloaming”?
10 “Myxomatosis”?
11 “Climbing Up The Walls”
?12 “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”
?13 “Videotape”?
14 “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
?15 “Karma Police”
?16 “Bodysnatchers”?
17 “Idioteque”
18 “These Are My Twisted Words”?
19 “Pyramid Song”
?20 “Reckoner”?
21 “(Nice Dream)”?
22 “Paranoid Android”
23 “Everything In Its Right Place”

Radiohead have gigs in Prague (8/23) and Poznan (8/25) before next weekend’s Leeds & Reading sets. Then the Internets will will a new album into existence probably.

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