Steve Earle Gets “Way Down In The Hole” On Leno

We applauded David Simon’s decision to cast Steve Earle as Bubbles’ grizzled-but-loving sponsor, Waylon, because Steve’s own experiences with substance abuse lent his performance an inimitable air of authenticity. And maybe also a little bit because having a great musician on the show further enabled our deep stretches to post about The Wire as frequently as possible. (Thanks for playing along guys, and yes we were impressed with all those picking up on the Templeton references the other day.) One of those posts was a first listen/look at Season Five’s intro music, which finally had Steve take a turn on the show’s theme song, Tom Waits’s “Way Down In The Hole.” Last night he brought it to Leno.

The show’s been over for a few weeks now, which is sad. Sadder still, this will probably be our last post about it. Rather than get too weepy eyed about it, we’ll point you over to Vulture who, in case you missed it, pulled together a great shot-by-shot anaylsis of the series’s final montage. If you need to be told there are spoilers at that link you need to no longer be on the internet.

R.I.P., The Wire. We loved you.